A Tale of 2Morrows Dress Part 2


I closed the doors on my retail dress store in July 2011.  Now that several years have passed, I can finally look back and appreciate the valuable lessons that I learned.  I am now able to focus on the fond memories and laugh at the absurd.  I am ready to share the tales of 2Morrows Dress Boutique… Part 2 – the Dress Registry

Part 1 – just in case you missed itIMG_0857

One of the services offered to our customers was a best effort to avoid a duplicate of their dress at their event.  For school dances and corporate functions, we kept a record of every dress style and color that we sold for the event.  Then, we would ensure that we did not sell a duplicate dress in the same color to the event.  We also notified them if another color was already registered.  This dress registry was a great service to our customers and excellent information for us.  At the end of season, we knew how many of our dresses were sold for each school and event, as well as the color.

Sounds simple, but it certainly required more planning than just asking for school name or function.  By asking what function, we were able to see the big corporate Holiday parties, conferences, recognition events and other special occasions in the valley to ensure we kept appropriate options in stock.  We carried brands and dress styles that no other store in the area (the entire state of Arizona, just to be safe) sold.  We had very few carry-over styles from season to season to prevent a fall Homecoming dress being re-worn (loaned or sold) to another girl for the Winter dance.  Some girls would even come back and notify us if their dress was loaned to another girl to wear for an event.  We kept inventory fresh and were able to watch school & event specific shopping patterns.

Not surprisingly, most of our customers loved the dress registry (Moms of customers, too).  And most Dads just did not understand why this was necessary or anyone would want to avoid a duplicate dress at an event.

More stories on the Dad and Boyfriend drama later… Part 3

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