A Tale of 2Morrows Dress Part 3


I closed the doors on my retail dress store in July 2011.  Now that several years have passed, I can finally look back and appreciate the valuable lessons that I learned.  I am now able to focus on the fond memories and laugh at the absurd.  I am ready to share the tales of 2Morrows Dress Boutique… Part 3 – the boys

Part 1 and 2 – just in case you missed oneIMG_0857

The majority of Dads, Husbands, and Boyfriends of our customers were a constant headache!  These guys would flop down on our chairs and complain about everything.  The number 1 complaint (often spoken as a passive aggressive suggestion) was that it was really boring and we needed TVs showing some sporting event.  These guys were so uncomfortable in the store they focused everything on them, because it was all about them.  Another coping mechanism was to eat and drink in the store, which would usually end up on the floor, furniture, or a dress.  It never occurred to these clueless morons that they were making all of the female customers in the store incredible uncomfortable, including their daughters, wives, or girlfriends.

More than once, a Dad would try to haggle on the price of a dress.  Moms would occasionally ask if we had a coupon or upcoming sales, but many Dads thought they were buying a used car.

Other Dads would offer business advice to me.  No, they never owned a retail store.  No, they know nothing about fashion or clothing.  No, they have never even owned their own business.  So, No, I did not take any of their advice.

Drag Queens and cross-dressers were great customers, and never problems like the male non-customers.  Every time a man or boy walked into the store, I secretly hoped that I would be helping him to find a beautiful gown.

My favorite Dads and Husbands shared a common approach.  They would ask wife or daughter supportive questions.  They would offer opinions on color or style of the dress.  They kept the focus on wife or daughter and the event – simple.  They were a rare and welcome treat in the store!

And finally the Employees in Part 4

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