Should I buy from China direct?


In short, No. Don’t do it!  Ordering from a foreign company, like one based in China, is risky.

Read the fine print, often you will pay more in shipping than the actual item is worth.

If the garment is already made, then you should be able to see actual photos of the finished product. If the garment is made to order, then you have no assurance of what it will look like and when it will be complete. The garment will likely be made in a batch, meaning that enough have to be ordered before a batch will be cut. Once the garment is cut (and sewn), then it still has a great distance to travel for shipment before import to the United States which can be delayed if any paperwork is incomplete or inaccurate.

Some of the horror stories that I have heard over the years are: cheap fabric, arrived after the event, billed and never shipped, poor quality, cheap embellishment and details.

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