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Hello! I’m Jennifer, and if you’ve found this site you probably already realize that I am obsessed with fashion. I learned sewing basics as a little girl, and my love of style and design has only grown since then. At one point I owned and operated a special occasion dress shop in Arizona, and after 5 wonderful years we closed our doors. During that time, I learned more about fashion, shopping from a retailer’s perspective, fabrics, formal wear, and alterations. Now I want to share it with you.


To this day my default outfit is a fabulous dress. Whether it’s a holiday party, Halloween, formal night on a cruise ship, or a wedding, I love any excuse to dress up. Speaking of weddings, I think I should confess now that I’m a serial bridesmaid and repeat offender wedding guest.

I have worked 20+ years in the corporate world (North America, Europe, and the Caribbean). I even enjoyed a corner office on the top floor and know how to Dress for Career Success.

I am a recovering shoe addict and currently working to reduce my closet for optimization. I prefer to build a capsule wardrobe with high quality clothes that can be worn over and over, with various accessories for variety. I would rather re-purpose or resale an outfit than have it clutter my life from a one-time wear.

Follow along for timeless fashion and frugal tips to look like a million bucks!

Cinderella Me
Cinderella Me

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You can email me at 2MorrowsDress@gmail.com or drop a comment on a specific blog post.

I welcome your suggestions, questions, thoughts about my blog, recommendations, and collaboration opportunities.

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  1. I know someone that has purchased clothing on-line. I could tell the difference, just in the way they fit, that’s all. She too is petite. Thank You for enlightening information. I know some of the basics, however, you enlightened me in more details. Thank You

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