Fall Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge with LuLaRoe

I heard an idea for a Fall Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge to pick a few new pieces of clothes and style them with only items from my closet for maximum combinations.  Well, I love fashion, and a challenge – count me in!  Admittedly, my capsule wardrobe is definitely a work in progress, so this is a great exercise to continue to evaluate my wardrobe and add/remove clothes as necessary.  This is my first Style Challenge and it is based on one of my guiding principles of simple, classic pieces that fit and flatter.

If you are new to Capsule Wardrobes and my quest to downsize into one, read this.

Basically, capsule wardrobe is the end result of simplifying your closet to a collection of pieces that maximize your outfit choices.  The end goal is to reduce clothes that are ill fitting and unworn, and focus on quality clothes that deserve space in your closet!

I picked my four favorite skirts and one shirt from the LuLaRoe Fall 2016 line, paired with four shirts from my current wardrobe.  Each outfit was then paired with one of three pairs of shoes, also from my current wardrobe.

The result? Check out these four skirts paired with clothes already in my closet for over a dozen unique outfit combinations to start wearing for fall and through winter.


LuLaRoe Daisy Maxi skirt paired with a perfectly matching sweater!  I was immediately drawn to the daisy skirt, and delighted that one of my favorite sweaters is a perfect match!

Also try it with an Ivory blouse, or black shirt.  Paired with boots, heels, or sandals.


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Dress for Career Success

Dressing professionally will help you get the job and it can help you advance in your Career!  Conversely, the wrong clothes may hold you back from promotions, and possibly from getting the job in the first place.  Now, before you scream UNFAIR or contact a lawyer about a discrimination suit, it is important to understand why and how to dress for Career Success!Wide leg Pants_2MorrowsDress

First, what is professional attire?

Professional attire is clothing appropriate for the industry and specific job function.  Yes, it is that simple.  You are demonstrating to potential employers and people who control your promotions and paycheck, that you understand Corporate Image and are able to represent the company/industry.  There are other nuances for customer facing positions, pay attention, error on the conservative side.  Banking, Financial Services, and traditional corporate jobs are more conservative than most industries and will likely have specific dress code guidelines to follow after you are hired. Observe managers and supervisors to guide for the right level and dressy/casual (being over dressed is almost as bad as being too casual). Continue reading

What to Wear for a Business Holiday Party

December is here!  Christmas and year-end Holiday parties are popping up on my calendar to fill the entire month.  The tough question is what to wear for Business Holiday Parties.  I have parties booked with clients, professional organizations, companies that I want to do business with, and more company related parties and events.

Navy wrap dress, perfect for after work events

Navy wrap dress, perfect for after work events

When is the Party?

  • Week night parties (late afternoon or right after work) tend to be more casual.  No one expects you to go home and change clothes for these events, so you are wearing the same outfit to the party as worn for work all day.  Men can add a dress jacket and/or tie.  Women can also add a dress jacket, and may consider changing shoes (more on this later).
  • Afternoon (weekend) parties are a popular option for family friendly events.  Dressing young children in adorable matching outfits, darling festive dresses, and handsome suits with vests will trigger cuteness overload.  To keep the kids happy and dressed, make sure these outfits are comfortable and allow them to participate in any games or events so they are happy to stay in the cute outfits the entire time.
  • Saturday night events are the wildcard, heavily dependent on the location.

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How to Dress for the First Day on a New Job


  1. Remember what your interviewer(s) wore during your interview. This should give you an idea of how formal/casual the office culture is, and set the tone for your first day outfit, makeup, and jewelry.   
  2. Solids and flattering necklines are a must for the best possible security badge photo. Security badge photos are usually taken on your first day, so what you wear will be emblazoned on your badge.  Smile, for the camera.
  3. Wear comfortable walking shoes. You will likely get a walking tour of the office and introductions to your new colleagues.  Be prepared to walk around, get lost finding the copier, and take the long way back from the bathroom as you get used to your new surroundings.  Skip the cute kitten heels that pinch your toes and wear the moderate heels that feel great.
  4. Wear layers. One conference room is going to be freezing and another area will warm. Layers are your best defense against the elements in your new environment.
  5. Hair care. A few days before starting your new job treat yourself to a trim and blowout.  Unless otherwise directed by your new employer, keep your hairstyle similar to how it was when you interviewed.  
  6. Nail care. A manicure is another great pre-first day treat.  At the very least, fingernails should be clean and trim.  
  7. Set out a selection of outfits to wear for the first week.  You can always change your mind, but this preparation ensures that you have clean clothes and a plan for the entire week.

Still looking for that new job?  Here are some tips of What to Wear for a Job Interview.

What to Wear for a Job Interview

8 Tips for Preparing Your Wardrobe the Day Before an Interview

  1. Pick an appropriate outfit based on the industry and your location.  Women are usually spot on with a skirt or slacks and nice blouse paired with a jacket.  A general rule for men is a suit and tie, but there are times when a button down shirt and slacks are more appropriate.  Ask your friends in the company or related fields for specifics.  When in doubt, it is better to be overdressed than look too casual. 
  2. Wear clean, comfortable shoes.  Any new shoes should be worn around the house, or rub a little sandpaper on the soles, to avoid slipping.
  3. Try on your outfit a day or two before the interview. Remove any price tags, pocket stitching, pet hair or loose thread.  Make sure your outfit is clean, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear the night before to avoid any surprises.
  4. Make-up, jewelry, and accessories – less is more! Keep it simple so the interviewer is focused on how prepared and confident you are, not counting all of your bracelets and rings.
  5. Get a haircut.  This may involve a drastic change in preparation for your first “real” job interview, or simply a trim to clean up your existing style.  Either way, your hair should be healthy and appropriate for your profession.  This is a good time to touch-up highlights, deep condition, and a little bit of pampering to get you interview ready.
  6. Step up your nail care. Finger nails should be clean and trimmed. Skip wild or distracting polish.  
  7. Your bag/briefcase situation. In most cases you will not need your laptop.  Bring several copies of your resume, and school related projects or portfolio of work in a clean, simple bag, or a plain file folder.  Either way, keep your items to a minimum.  Unless otherwise directed, your bag(s) should be placed at your feet, out of sight, during the interview.
  8. Put on your best SMILE.

When you get the job, here are some tips for What to Wear on your First Day.