What to Wear to a Graduation Party

Graduation is right around the corner!  Many years has passed since I graduated, so this edition of What to Wear is written by guest writer, Lisa Griffin.

Soon you will be spending your last days at your university or college. Besides final tests and thoughts about your future perspectives, it means a memorable party! Are you excited about the day when everyone can forget about assignments and devote attention to choosing dresses for the graduation ceremony? All the seniors impatiently wait for this major event. Staying in trend might be difficult in everyday life, but when it comes to graduation, it’s even harder. So, what shall you wear to look fabulous? Continue reading

Fall Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge with LuLaRoe

I heard an idea for a Fall Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge to pick a few new pieces of clothes and style them with only items from my closet for maximum combinations.  Well, I love fashion, and a challenge – count me in!  Admittedly, my capsule wardrobe is definitely a work in progress, so this is a great exercise to continue to evaluate my wardrobe and add/remove clothes as necessary.  This is my first Style Challenge and it is based on one of my guiding principles of simple, classic pieces that fit and flatter.

If you are new to Capsule Wardrobes and my quest to downsize into one, read this.

Basically, capsule wardrobe is the end result of simplifying your closet to a collection of pieces that maximize your outfit choices.  The end goal is to reduce clothes that are ill fitting and unworn, and focus on quality clothes that deserve space in your closet!

I picked my four favorite skirts and one shirt from the LuLaRoe Fall 2016 line, paired with four shirts from my current wardrobe.  Each outfit was then paired with one of three pairs of shoes, also from my current wardrobe.

The result? Check out these four skirts paired with clothes already in my closet for over a dozen unique outfit combinations to start wearing for fall and through winter.


LuLaRoe Daisy Maxi skirt paired with a perfectly matching sweater!  I was immediately drawn to the daisy skirt, and delighted that one of my favorite sweaters is a perfect match!

Also try it with an Ivory blouse, or black shirt.  Paired with boots, heels, or sandals.


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Practical Side of Fitness Fashion

2015-12-29 15.46.16Looking good may be your motivation to start a workout, but comfort during your workout will ensure that you will want to do it again.

I am fairly brand loyal when it comes to clothes and shoes, except for fitness fashion.  When it comes to exercise clothes it is all about fit and fabrics!  I do not care what celebrity is endorsing the brand, or even what brand it is.

Since there is specialized equipment for many sports (golf cleats, soccer shin guards, etc), I am going to focus this discussion on gym athletic wear.   There is plenty of crossover into other sports, so this is a good foundation to build a practical workout wardrobe. Continue reading

Easy Ways to Add Straps to Strapless Tops and Dresses

I love the look of strapless dresses, but I hate being worried about a wardrobe malfunction.  Here are a few easy ways to add straps to strapless tops and dresses.

Strapless dress with matching straps

Strapless dress with matching straps

Strapless top with matching straps

Strapless top with matching straps

This dress and top actually came with their own matching straps!  Admittedly, that one one of the key selling points for both.  Attach the straps by inserting the hook through the attached loop – Easy!

The adjustable dress straps are even long enough to cross in the back.Strap_Top back

Most tops and dresses do not come with matching straps.  There are many straps available for purchase, or you can make your own.  These can be sewn into the lining for a secure solution, or add loops for a variety of options and styles.

Adding strap loops

Adding strap loops

Cut 2 inches of sturdy fabric for each strap loop.  Red ribbon shown for illustration only.  I used matching black bias tape for these black tops.  Bias tape and strap fabric can be purchased at any craft or fabric store.

While wearing the dress or top, use a straight pin to position the loops.  The loops should be below the edge so that the hooks do not show when attached.

Black bias tape for loops

Black bias tape for loops

Sew the loops securely into the lining.

Do not sew the thread through the front of the garment to prevent the stitches from showing.

You may want to practice on similar sample fabric before sewing the real item.

Sew 2 loops in front for halter style straps, or 2 in front and 2 in back for cross back or straight back straps.  The straps can be used again for several different outfits by using the loops.


The Button Down Shirt

The button down shirt is considered a wardrobe staple, but it makes me shudder.  The small bust models wear these shirts barely buttoned for a Saturday night “Desperate for Attention” look.

AT shirtI choose to button my shirt all the way over my chest.  Weird, I know.

Shirt Gap

Gap between buttons

Just buttoning the shirt has a significant risk of gaps between the buttons, which looks desperate and unkept.  Then, this perfect shirt turns into a perfect fashion disaster.

Shirt Pinned

Safety Pin solution


Safety pins are often used to close this gap, but can leave holes.  And the better coverage from the safety pin, the more of the metal is showing.

Fashion Tape

Fashion Tape



Two-way Fashion tape to the rescue!  Now here is the same shirt, with a couple pieces of strategically placed two way tape between buttons to keep the shirt securely closed.