5 Tips for Wrinkle Free Clothes

5 Tips for Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Skip ironing and harsh chemicals with these five simple, natural solutions to eliminate wrinkles from your clothes. Throw the wrinkled clothes back in the dryer and add a wet washcloth to create a steam dryer. Run 5-10 minutes and all of the wrinkles will be gone. Shake and snap your clothes back into shape between […]

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Can I Wash This? When dry clean only label in clothes is merely a suggestion

Can I wash this?

Can I Wash This Dry Clean Only Garment? Or, will I regret it later? We have all been there, the label says “Dry Clean Only”, but does it really HAVE to go the dry cleaners? Most delicate fabrics can be gently washed and air-dried, the problems arise when a dry clean only garment goes into […]

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