Fall Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge with LuLaRoe

I heard an idea for a Fall Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge to pick a few new pieces of clothes and style them with only items from my closet for maximum combinations.  Well, I love fashion, and a challenge – count me in!  Admittedly, my capsule wardrobe is definitely a work in progress, so this is a great exercise to continue to evaluate my wardrobe and add/remove clothes as necessary.  This is my first Style Challenge and it is based on one of my guiding principles of simple, classic pieces that fit and flatter.

If you are new to Capsule Wardrobes and my quest to downsize into one, read this.

Basically, capsule wardrobe is the end result of simplifying your closet to a collection of pieces that maximize your outfit choices.  The end goal is to reduce clothes that are ill fitting and unworn, and focus on quality clothes that deserve space in your closet!

I picked my four favorite skirts and one shirt from the LuLaRoe Fall 2016 line, paired with four shirts from my current wardrobe.  Each outfit was then paired with one of three pairs of shoes, also from my current wardrobe.

The result? Check out these four skirts paired with clothes already in my closet for over a dozen unique outfit combinations to start wearing for fall and through winter.


LuLaRoe Daisy Maxi skirt paired with a perfectly matching sweater!  I was immediately drawn to the daisy skirt, and delighted that one of my favorite sweaters is a perfect match!

Also try it with an Ivory blouse, or black shirt.  Paired with boots, heels, or sandals.


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Getting Dressed in the Dark

I always try to look nice, stylish, and polished.  That does not always happen.  My recent Zipper Malfunction is only one of many fashion mistakes and wardrobe malfunctions.

Red failure

Red failure

Sometimes, it looks like I get dressed in the dark, often because I did.  In this case, I paired my shirt and cardigan in the dim light of dawn.  Several hours, and a few cups of coffee, later I noticed the maroon accent in my shirt completely clashed with the red sweater I paired with it.  I will not wear this shirt and sweater together again, but it was too late that day.

sewn vent

sewn vent

I bought a great new dress for an important meeting, and I left the back vent sewn shut all morning.  Right before lunch, I finally noticed and cut the little “X” thread to free the vent.  Fortunately, a sewn vent is easily removed and a mistake that cannot be made twice for the same garment. Continue reading