Tailoring and Alterations Guide

Quick Guide to Tailoring and Alteration Basics

Some lucky women can find a dress that fits perfectly off the rack, and for the rest of us sometimes a little adjustment is necessary. Ask your dress retailer to recommend a seamstress or tailor. Some corporate stores are actually not allowed to recommend a seamstress. Check with independent dress boutiques or your dry cleaners, […]

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Can I Wash This? When dry clean only label in clothes is merely a suggestion

Can I wash this?

Can I Wash This Dry Clean Only Garment? Or, will I regret it later? We have all been there, the label says “Dry Clean Only”, but does it really HAVE to go the dry cleaners? Most delicate fabrics can be gently washed and air-dried, the problems arise when a dry clean only garment goes into […]

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Should this be ironed or steamed?

As a general rule, it is usually better to steam dresses and the majority of your clothes than to iron. Dress shirts, jackets, and trousers are typically better to iron to retain shape and crisp lines, especially if it is done at the Dry Cleaners and not by you. For deep wrinkles in Cotton, taffeta […]

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What Kind of Fabric is This? Basic definitions and introduction to fabric types

Basic Introduction to Types of Fabrics

What are Fabric Types? Fabric types are the generic name given to a type of textile, which is very different to the fabric content. The fabric content is very specific to what the fabric is made of (cotton, silk, wool, polyester, etc) and must be displayed on the label for every garment commercially sold. Here is […]

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What is Fabric made from?

Check any clothing label and it must include fabric content. Often expressed in a percentage, it is common to see more than one fabric type listed. Here is a quick breakdown of Natural fibers, synthetics, and semi-synthetic textiles. Natural Fibers Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber for clothing. Common in knits, denim, chambray, […]

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