Confessions of a Shoe Addict

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a shoe addict.  It has taken me a long time to admit it.  I thought everyone had a walk-in closet filled with shoes, plus the auxiliary 6 foot tall free standing shoe cabinet (apparently some people use that for their entire wardrobe).2015-11-02 13.45.46

This ridiculous notion of “too many shoes” was raised to me several times, and most notably 2 years ago when we sold a way too big house, and downsized to a smaller home located 10 miles away.  We reduced our yard and a couple rooms in the house, but my walk-in closet stayed the same size.  Without losing an inch of space for shoes (or clothes, purses, jewelry, and other accessories), I evaluated my shoe collection and decided on the 30 pairs that I no longer needed or wanted.  I did not count how many pairs I had at the time, but out of curiosity I did count the shoes to say good-bye to.

My elimination criteria was simple:

  1. Any shoes worn or beat-up?
  2. Any shoes pinch my toes, too tight, or uncomfortable?
  3. Any shoes stretched out and too big?

Was my criteria too strict or unreasonable?  30 pairs of shoes seemed like a huge sacrifice, until I looked at all the remaining pairs.  I still had a fabulous shoe collection!  What more could I possibly need? More shoes, of course.

Newest 4 pairs of shoes

Newest 4 pairs of shoes

Thanks to my meticulous accounting habits, I know that I purchased 3 pairs 12 months ago, 2 pairs 9 months ago, and the final 2 pair 7 months ago (aren’t the last 4 pairs super cute?!?).  I have even worn most of them at least once.  My crazy OCD includes storing the purchase receipt in the shoe box of every pair of shoes so I know exactly where purchased, cost, and when.  I budget for shoes & clothing, none of these purchases put me in debt.

Velvet heelsWe are preparing for another move, and it is time to once again evaluate and reduce my shoe collection.  This time it is different, same size closet, but located 3,000 miles away!  Shipping options are slow boat (cargo ship) or carry on the plane with us.  Now I have a problem. Continue reading