Celebrating Mad Men Fashion of the Sixties


I love the Glamor of the 1960’s! The fashion showcases pencil skirts, exaggerated collars, thin belts, cap sleeves, minimal layering, and above all the emphasis is on voluptuous curves!

Mad Men television show may focus on Don Draper and the men of the 1960’s ad agencies, but all eyes are on the women of the show. These characters come to life with expressive actresses and true to fashion vintage pieces.

Gone are the poodle skirts from the 50’s, the sixties introduced more sexy, sultry fashions. Full skirt or fitted pencil skirt, the emphasis is on a fitted waist. Pearls become an everyday accessory when you are always making an effort. It is really the extra details of ruffles or a sweet floral print, paired with delicate accessories that are the epitome of feminine.  And any silhouette is enhanced with the 3/4 sleeve sweater set.

Good Girls Revolt was a (too) short-lived tv show centered on the women of 1960’s, inspired by real events of Women working at an American news magazine in the late 1960s. While the show focuses on gender inequality, the wardrobe punctuates the changing attitudes of traditionally femine and restrictive garments to the more powerful and functional wardrobe for working women, including <gasp> pants! The evolution of fashion is a key theme throughout the show, and more noticeable after binge-watching Mad Men to see the progression from early 1960’s through the years.

The wardrobe department for these two shows not only assemble the most iconic fashions but the complete look from perfectly styled hair to the tips of each shoe. Can I raid the wardrobe department now?

Which style is your favorite?

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