What to Wear to a Graduation Party

Graduation is right around the corner!  Many years has passed since I graduated, so this edition of What to Wear is written by guest writer, Lisa Griffin.

Soon you will be spending your last days at your university or college. Besides final tests and thoughts about your future perspectives, it means a memorable party! Are you excited about the day when everyone can forget about assignments and devote attention to choosing dresses for the graduation ceremony? All the seniors impatiently wait for this major event. Staying in trend might be difficult in everyday life, but when it comes to graduation, it’s even harder. So, what shall you wear to look fabulous? Continue reading

How to Pack the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe for Travel

Many times while traveling, things do not go as planned and my trip is extended (cancelled flights, opportunity to stay longer, whatever).  My first reaction was to add a couple new items to my wardrobe (yay, excuse to go shopping), then I learned the secret to extend my original wardrobe for another week (or more). I discovered how to pack the ultimate capsule wardrobe for the most mix and match options with a limited amount of luggage.  A little preparation while packing can give you loads of outfit combinations during your travels!

I spent many years traveling for work, and many more years traveling for fun.  Here are a few of my top packing tips to build the ultimate travel capsule wardrobe.
Continue reading

What to Wear for a High School Reunion

Homecoming is right around the corner and I just received notice for upcoming reunions at my High School Alma mater.   I survived both my 10 and 20 year High School reunions.  I stressed about my outfit, hair, which events to attend, and taking a date or going alone.

Here are my tips of what to wear and how to reduce stress to be comfortable and CONFIDENT!Reunion

10 Year High School Reunions are usually the first time seeing people since graduation.  Sure, you may keep in touch via Facebook, but this is the reunion to show off your grown-up, successful self!  The 10 year event can be very catty and judgmental.  The old high school cliques start forming as soon as people arrived.  I am glad that I attended, but it was a slow, painful beginning. Continue reading

The Button Down Shirt

The button down shirt is considered a wardrobe staple, but it makes me shudder.  The small bust models wear these shirts barely buttoned for a Saturday night “Desperate for Attention” look.

AT shirtI choose to button my shirt all the way over my chest.  Weird, I know.

Shirt Gap

Gap between buttons

Just buttoning the shirt has a significant risk of gaps between the buttons, which looks desperate and unkept.  Then, this perfect shirt turns into a perfect fashion disaster.

Shirt Pinned

Safety Pin solution


Safety pins are often used to close this gap, but can leave holes.  And the better coverage from the safety pin, the more of the metal is showing.

Fashion Tape

Fashion Tape



Two-way Fashion tape to the rescue!  Now here is the same shirt, with a couple pieces of strategically placed two way tape between buttons to keep the shirt securely closed.

A Cry for Shapewear

There is a huge backlash against shapewear lately.  Snarky in the Suburbs comedy blogger takes on Spanx, read her full anti-shapewear rant here.

Now it is my turn to defend Shapewear!

The primary function of Shapewear is to smooth everything out.  And, I emphasize SMOOTH.  You wear it to reshape any bulges and lumps into a smooth silhouette. Period.  Proper fitting shapewear can be protection against gravity, eliminate visible panty line (VPL), and any confusion of fighting rodents under your garment.


Where, oh where, is her shapewear?


  • Buy the right size; It is too small if you cannot breathe, it cuts off circulation, or adds more bumps.
  • Less is more; Do not layer multiple shapewear items, just wear one that smooths.  As shapewear layers are added, more bulk is added.
  • There should be zero VPL under power panties or full slip.  Our friend on the right in the blue dress really needed a full slip shapewear or a less clingy dress.
  • Set realistic expectations; Proper Shapewear may redistribute your body to fit a smaller dress size, but there is no magic weight loss.  You are still there, all of you.
  • Shapewear and good posture are best friends; sit up straight and stand tall to naturally look taller and leaner.
  • Shapewear should pass the Sit Test without fear of passing out.


Shapewear is a tool to look your best and boost confidence.  So choose your tools wisely.