5 Top Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

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Your going to be a Bridesmaid!  Here are 5 Top Tips For Bridesmaid Dress Shopping.


1. Have an honest discussion with the Bride about budget before dress shopping.  Pull her aside quietly, when she is not freaking out, to discuss financial expectations before you agree to be a bridesmaid.  You may be able to gently suggest less expensive options for dress and shoes, if necessary. This conversation will help you both plan and reduce the chance of hurt feelings later on.

2. Bring a few different style bras with you.  There are different levels of padding, coverage, and adjustable straps or strapless bras.  Switching to a different bra may save you money on dress alterations (especially if you are between sizes on a strapless dress). Bring at least 2 different bras for your fitting.  I like the convertible strap bras for strapless, halter, one shoulder, or cris cross back dresses.

Leave your sports bra at home.  It flattens your chest and you may order or buy the wrong size dress because of uni-boob!

3. Wear good panties. Avoid panties that will bunch up or lace that looks lumpy to give you and your Bride an accurate look to the dress.

4. Know the difference between Junior and Misses sizes.  What sizing is the dress? Do not worry about the size number, look at the fit of the dress.  Remember, you need to be able to sit for dinner, dance, and jump for the bridal bouquet!

5. Ask about alterations timing and price.  Long dresses will almost always need a hem.  Strapless dresses may need a slight alteration to fit properly (you do not want to be tugging on your dress all night).  Not all bridal shops offer tailoring services, you may need extra time for alterations to be completed before the wedding.  Here is a Quick Guide to Alterations to get your started.

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Bonus Tip – Disclose any pregnancy with the Bride as early as possible.  Maternity bridesmaids dresses are not available in every style, tend to be more expensive, and ordering/alterations schedule is completely different for a pregnant bridesmaid.  Breastfeeding bridesmaid may need a completely different size dress, too!

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