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Wedding Guest What to Wear Dress Inspiration and Ideas

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Need help selecting the perfect dress to wear to a Wedding?  You may already have the perfect outfit in your closet!

My go-to dress as a Wedding Guest is solid color, or subtle print dresses, since they photograph beautifully.  A colorful scarf or accessory with a simple solid color dress is another option.  Avoid white (since that is typically want the Bride wears), and choose black outfits carefully.  I always add a pop of color with black at a wedding.  Whatever you do, avoid the Funeral look when attending a wedding.

Some basic outfit suggestions:

  • Subtle floral print dress
  • Classic wrap dress with fabulous accessories
  • Cream or light color dress pants and a blouse
  • Light and bright shift dresses
  • A-line or skater style dress

As a Wedding guest, remember “Less is More”.  Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum.  Avoid over the top clothing that will distract from the bride.  For church weddings make sure your outfit is respectful for the venue, regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs, and consider a cardigan sweater or wrap for strapless or low plunge tops.

When choosing your outfit, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this outfit (especially shoes) going to be comfortable during the wedding ceremony and reception?
  • Would this outfit offend the Bride or Groom?
  • Will I be too warm, or too cold, in this outfit for the venue?  Be sure to check weather forecasts, and location ahead of time.  Planning ahead can save you from shivering cold or being a hot, sweaty mess.
  • Is there any chance of a Wardrobe Malfunction on the dance floor?


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