Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Shoes for Your Wedding

Everything You Need to Know about Bridal Shoes

Here is everything you need to know about Bridal Shoes for your big day!



Which came first, the wedding dress or bridal shoes? For long dresses, you should have your shoes before your final dress fitting to get the hem the right length.  Most Brides select their wedding shoes after finding the perfect dress.  I bought my shoes before my dress, they were just perfect!  There really is no exact time to get your shoes.   Continue reading

Top 10 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Top 10 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

  1. Know your budget.
    • Determine your absolute maximum (including tax) amount for your dress.  Nothing will ever compare to the gorgeous twice-your-budget dress that you know you cannot afford – so do not try it on.  It will only make finding YOUR dress that much harder.
    • I really like the dress budget as a percentage of the overall wedding budget.  10% of your budget for attire is a common starting point, but this is entirely up to you.  This keeps the dress purchase proportionate to the entire wedding.  Evaluate the entire budget and allocation to each item, this will add perspective to your spending and identify the real priorities.
  1. Most bridal salons take reservations. When you book your reservation, tell them your wedding date (if already set), state your price range of dresses, and confirm that they can work within your budget.  Typically they will pre-select dresses for you based on size and price before you ever see the inside of a fitting room.
    • Bring a trusted friend or family member to take photos (if allowed), keep you within budget, and provide an honest opinion.
    • Remember to cancel any reservations that you are not going to attend.
  1. Bring a few different style bras with you to try on dresses (at least 2).  There are different levels of padding, coverage, and adjustable straps or strapless. Leave your sports bra at home.  You might need to buy a new low back bra or full-length shapewear, starting with a good bra for fitting will make a huge difference in appearance.
  2. Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.13.38 PMBring at least one pair of dress shoes with you that coordinate with the location; you will wear different shoes for a fancy church wedding, outdoor garden venue, versus beach wedding.  Most likely you will buy wedding shoes after you pick the dress, these fitting shoes are to better visualize the complete outfit.
  3. Wear good panties. When I owned a Bridal store, I was horrified at the number of women that did not wear panties to try on wedding (and even Prom) dresses.  Almost as bad, do not wear panties that will bunch up or wild prints that will distract you.

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How to Sell Your Wedding Dress

There are many reasons to keep your wedding dress, preserved or displayed, you may want to hand it down to your daughter to wear on her big day, re-purpose as Christening Gown, or upcycle the gown into another outfit or accessories.  Or, for totally different reasons you may want to “cash in” the value of your wedding dress and sell it.

Selling your Wedding Dress is similar to selling your Prom Dress, without the Prom season limitations.  It is always wedding season somewhere!

Sell Wedding Dress

Set a realistic price: Few brides will pay retail for a Wedding Gown purchased outside a Bridal boutique, even if the tags are still on the dress.  The original receipt is really helpful to show when you purchased and total sales price.

Check same brand and styles on eBay, quick online search with the brand and style of your dress, or local resale shops for pricing suggestions.

If the dress is in perfect condition with tags, you might get close to 20% of the original retail price.  Used dresses in excellent condition may sell for as high as 30-50% off original retail price.

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Wedding Guest Dress

Need help selecting the perfect dress to wear to a Wedding?  You may already have the perfect outfit in your closet!

My go-to dress as a Wedding Guest is solid color, or subtle print dresses, since they photograph beautifully.  A colorful scarf or accessory with a simple solid color dress is another option.  Avoid white (since that is typically want the Bride wears), and choose black outfits carefully.  I always add a pop of color with black at a wedding.  Whatever you do, avoid the Funeral look when attending a wedding.

Some basic outfit suggestions:

  • Subtle floral print dress
  • Classic wrap dress with fabulous accessories
  • Cream or light color dress pants and a blouse
  • Light and bright shift dresses
  • A-line or skater style dress

Perfect for Summer wedding, business (with jacket or cardigan), or cocktail party

The Sit Test

A very common mistake when clothes shopping is the failure to perform a Sit Test.  Most of us remember to check the three-way mirror, look at all sides of the outfit, and all angles in different lighting.  Too often, shoppers forget to sit down in the outfit prior to purchase.  It is something so simple, just sit down.  Most stores have a bench or chair in the fitting room – use it!  Walk around and sit in different height chairs, wiggle around, lean back, and lean forward as if buckling a shoe strap, for a complete Sit Test of the outfit.

I wonder why she is leaning? Maybe she does not know how to sit in this dress properly.

Think about what you will be doing in your outfit.  A standing/walking only event, like a pageant, it is critical to walk around in the dress and stop to pose.  For the majority of events you will sit at some point, eating at a table, transportation to the event, sit to rest, and you will probably need to use the bathroom at some point.

Be sure to sit in skirts or dresses that are tight fitting around the hips before you buy, these are the most likely to be uncomfortably snug.  The worst case is to sit for the first time and split a seam, or tear the outfit, on your way to the event!

When buying a gown or outfit for a major event like a wedding or prom you will be photographed sitting just as much as standing.  Sit in a couple different style chairs before you buy.  Practice how you will pose for sitting photographs before the event for the most flattering shots.

If you are comfortable in your outfit you will be more confident and more attractive in photos!  It is simple and easy, and can save you hassle, perform the Sit Test anytime you are trying on clothes.