The Sit Test - Before Your Big Event, Can You Comfortably Sit in Your Dress?

The Sit Test | Before Your Big Event, Can You Comfortably Sit in Your Dress?

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A very common mistake when clothes shopping is the failure to perform a Sit Test.

Failure to perform a Sit Test can result in an uncomfortable evening, last minute changes to your outfit or plans. Some of the worse case scenarios are split zippers, busted seams, and other wardrobe malfunctions that can ruin your event!

Most of us remember to check the three-way mirror, look at all sides of the outfit, and all angles in different lighting.  Too often, shoppers forget to sit down in the outfit prior to purchase.  It is something so simple, just sit down.  Most stores have a bench or chair in the fitting room – use it!  Walk around and sit in different height chairs, wiggle around, lean back, and lean forward as if buckling a shoe strap, for a complete Sit Test of the outfit.

What is the Sit Test?

  • Gently sit in the dress or outfit – Are you able to easily sit without pulling or straining the seams or zipper of the dress?
  • Rotate and move – Will you be able to sit and rotate your torso getting in and out of a vehicle?
  • Will you be able to sit on the toilet for bathroom breaks?
  • Walk across the room, turn, and walk back – Are you able to move without any restrictions?
  • Will you be able to sit for the duration of dinner?
  • Can you lift your arms to eat and dance?

Yes! A successful Sit Test is confidently saying YES to each of these questions.

Pageant and Red Carpet Events

I wonder why she is leaning? Maybe she does not know how to sit in this dress properly.

Think about what you will be doing in your outfit.  A standing/walking only event, like a pageant, it is critical to walk around in the dress and stop to pose.  For the majority of events you will sit at some point, eating at a table, transportation to the event, sit to rest, and you will probably need to use the bathroom at some point.

Wedding and Prom

When buying a gown or outfit for a major event like a wedding or prom you will be photographed sitting just as much as standing.  Sit in a couple different style chairs before you buy.  Practice how you will pose for sitting photographs before the event for the most flattering shots.

Sit Test for Everyday Outfits

Be sure to sit in skirts or dresses that are tight fitting around the hips before you buy, these are the most likely to be uncomfortably snug.  The worst case is to sit for the first time and split a seam, or tear the outfit, on your way to the event!

If you are comfortable in your outfit you will be more confident and more attractive in photos!  It is simple and easy, and can save you hassle, perform the Sit Test anytime you are trying on clothes.

The Sit Test - Before Your Big Event, Can You Comfortably Sit in Your Dress?

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