Night Out Essentials

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Before heading out of town or for a special night out, plan ahead and pack a few essentials in case of disaster.

Do not let a minor disaster turn into something bigger on your Honeymoon, Bacherlette Party, Prom night, Wedding, Military Ball, or other special night out. A little planning can save your sanity during a big event.

Include these important items for travel or getting dressed away from home for those special nights out. 

    • Extra make-up essentials (mascara, lipstick, foundation, powder, neutral tone eyeshadow) for lost, forgotten, or just-ran-out of product.
    • Scissors – a pair of folding scissors are perfect to cut hanger straps, hanging thread, tags and more.
    • Safety pins in multiple sizes are helpful for straps too long, busted zipper pull, and other quick wardrobe fixes.
    • Two-sided fashion tape is a lifesaver for hem issues, taping a bra to dress to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, and removing lint/cat hair from clothes.

  • Stain pen or stain removing wipes can save the day against spills. Be sure to test the area and be prepared to feather the edges with a moist cloth to ensure no weird spots.
  • Nail file and touch-up nail polish can save a manicure or stop a run in stockings or tights.
  • Aspirin or ibuprofen so a headache does not stop your evening of fun.

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