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Flower girl dresses can be expensive!  Some of these darling dresses will cost as much as the grown-up bridesmaid dresses, especially at the big chain bridal shops.  If you know when and where to shop, you can get a real bargain on flower girl dresses.

Flower Girl Dress Shopping TipsFirst, it is important to know the best time to buy.  For the light-weight fabrics in light colors, you will find the best selection and prices around Easter.  Big department stores and children’s stores start reducing the price just after Easter.  The heavier fabrics and darker colors are abundant for the winter, right around Christmas.  Do not get caught up in bridal  versus holiday dress, if it is the right color and style, then be happy that you can save money.

Be careful not to buy ANY of the dresses too early, especially for the little ones.  You never know when your little flower girl is suddenly going to grow a size or two!  Far too often I witnessed a frustrated bride trying to replace the flower girl’s dress at the last minute because the dress that fit perfectly 4 months ago is way too small the week before the wedding.  And, to avoid any surprises, have everyone in the bridal party confirm fit 1 – 2 weeks before the wedding.

Adult women know all too well how important it is for a flattering fit and correct cut for our bodies.  Not to mention that women’s sizes can vary drastically from one designer to another.  Flower girls and junior bridesmaids sizes are far more uniform and more standardized cuts, which makes it so easy to shop on-line!  If you are trying to match 2 or more flower girls then you will probably have better selection of the same dress in multiple sizes from a website than a store anyway.

For a unique look and big savings, consider buying a second-hand dresses.  Check out pre-owned wedding sites like Bravo Bride for great savings on worn-once dresses.  After the wedding, you can continue the hand-me-downs by posting the dresses for resale.

There are so many ways to save money on your wedding, just remember to be creative and have fun!

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