DIY Halloween Costume

It is Halloween time!  I received an invitation to a themed Halloween party this year, so my already planned costume will be worn another night.  Now I need a costume that is theme appropriate. Check out the closet – I immediately did an inventory of what I currently own.  This included makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, […]

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Easy Halloween Costumes, it is all about the accessories

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for simple (and cheap) DIY Halloween Costume ideas?  I have a few… It is all about the accessories, take simple items already in your closet and add just the right touch for a unique and totally YOU costume. Sexy Fairy – Form fitting sexy mini dress or tight shirt & matching pants, then add […]

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Clothing Swap Party - How to host a clothing swap event, theme inspiration, rules for the clothing sap, and more ideas for eco-friendly fashion.

How to Host a Clothing Swap | Ideas and Inspiration for Themes and Swap Rules

Tips on How to Host a Clothing Swap, Theme Inspiration,
Rules, and more Ideas for Planning your Clothing Swap Party.

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Red Dress Wear it Again

Prom Dress – Tips to Wear it Again

I loved my Senior year Prom dress!  It was red statin, strapless sweetheart neckline, with a front slit.  It fit me perfectly and looked amazing.  After prom, I kept it in my closet even though I “knew” I would never wear it again.  Boy, was I wrong! My freshman year at University I was invited […]

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Tips on How to Sell Your Wedding Dress

How to Sell Your Wedding Dress

There are many reasons to keep your wedding dress, preserved or displayed, you may want to hand it down to your daughter to wear on her big day, re-purpose as Christening Gown, or upcycle the gown into another outfit or accessories.  Or, for totally different reasons you may want to “cash in” the value of […]

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Grab Your Garb for Ren Faire

Dressing up is a guilty pleasure for me.  A fabulous outfit can transform you.  It can lift your mood.  You can become someone else, anywhere and at anytime. This weekend marks the opening of the Arizona Renaissance Festival, and I did not miss this opportunity for dress-up! For the first-timers, or just beginners like me, I suggest having a professional […]

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Clean Out Your Closet - Strategies for Closet Purge and Organization

Clean Out Your Closet | Effective Strategies for a Closet Purge

Clean Out Your Closet!
Simple and Effective Strategies for a Closet Purge and Organization

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About Me

Hello! I’m Jennifer, and if you’ve found this site you probably already realize that I am obsessed with fashion. I learned sewing basics as a little girl, and my love of style and design has only grown since then. At one point I owned and operated a special occasion dress shop in Arizona, and after […]

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