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It is Halloween time!  I received an invitation to a themed Halloween party this year, so my already planned costume will be worn another night.  Now I need a costume that is theme appropriate.

    • $10 Lilac Ballgown after gentle, cold wash
      $10 Lilac Ballgown after gentle wash

      Check out the closet – I immediately did an inventory of what I currently own.  This included makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.  I thought I could reuse an old dress, and if the party was tonight, I would have made it work.  But I had time to find something better.

    • Shop the Charity/Thrift stores (Goodwill, Savers, and other charity shops) for inspiration and outfits.  Most dresses and donated items for costumes are $10 or less.  I dropped off 3 bags of clothes from my recent closet purge and received a 20% off coupon for Savers, but ultimately paid $10 at Goodwill, while my friend scored her dress for only $8!  For an extra $2, I found a perfect matching purse for my costume.
      Perfect for Wendy from Peter Pan
      Perfect for Wendy from Peter Pan
      • I found this amazing blue ruffled dress for $10 that is the perfect Wendy costume from Peter Pan.  Just add a teddy bear, or get a group together.
      • There were several big yellow ball gowns for Beauty and the Beast Belle costume.  Get creative and make it steampunk, zombie, vampire, Gothic, or whatever you can imagine for a unique look.
      • There were a ton of black dresses in every shape and size.  The right outfit will be waiting to inspire you!

        Charity shops are HALLOWEEN GOLD!

    • Add some embellishments.  I bought matching ribbon for $3 to make my dress more gaudy and outrageous.  Easily distress your outfit with hanging ribbons, sheer fabric, torn lace, and ripped hems.
    • Finish the outfit with wigs, wings, tiaras, shoes, makeup, and other accessories for the over-the-top unique look.

Cleaning Tips:  My $10 treasure had a slight musty smell from the charity shop.  I checked the label for materials (100% polyester, dry clean only) and decided on a gentle, cold wash, and light “refresh” from my dryer.

Double check materials to determine exactly how to clean the garment.  Just be extra careful not to shrink the item.  Gentle, cold wash will work for almost any Halloween costume.

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