Everything You Need to Know About Bridal Shoes for Your Wedding

Everything You Need to Know about Bridal Shoes

Here is everything you need to know about Bridal Shoes for your big day!



Which came first, the wedding dress or bridal shoes? For long dresses, you should have your shoes before your final dress fitting to get the hem the right length.  Most Brides select their wedding shoes after finding the perfect dress.  I bought my shoes before my dress, they were just perfect!  There really is no exact time to get your shoes.   Continue reading

Simple Tips to Upcycle Your Prom Dress

Prom season is here!  Check out these helpful hints for buying your Prom Dress.

Simple Tips to Upcycle Your Prom DressAfter Prom, you may consider selling your Prom dress while the style is still current and to make room in your closet for other things.  Or, you may just not want to part with your beautiful frock – so Upcycle it!  You can repurpose your dress into another fabulous outfit.

A former client loved her Prom dress enough that she upcycled it into her wedding gown!  Try different fabric spray paints (continuous spray are better than pump) or dyes for a totally different color or pattern.

A hem transforms a long dress into a semi-formal cocktail dress or skirt, like this example from New Dress a Day.

Keep the skirt and ditch the top, another New Dress a Day example with instructions here.

Or, maybe you are just not ready to drastically alter your dress – accessorize it for other events!
Pexels_dress1Get a little inspiration from your favorite store for layering options.  Lace tops over strapless dresses offer a more casual look.  Or, try a sheer tee shirt over your dress.  Switch up the top from your favorite full skirt!

Add a jacket or cardigan sweater.  Try your dress with various belts or a coordinating scarf.

Experiment with different items in your closet.  It is amazing how many different ways your Prom dress, or any special occasion dress, can be worn!

Wear a Scarf

Hooray for winter!  It is finally cold enough to wear a scarf.  There are so many types and sizes of scarves to choose from, the style options are endless.  These little accessories can transform your outfit into chic, funky, classic, dress it up or down, and so much more.  And of course, they can help keep you warm on these chilly winter days (or nights).

I am always looks for a new and creative way to wear my scarves, so here are some ideas for you.



A friend was kind enough to send me this clip demonstrating 10 different ways to wear a scarf.  There are a few more ideas here, and another 50 ways to tie a scarf of all shapes and sizes!

Summer Handbags

This summer is all about accessories!  I am wearing simple dresses & clothing for summer, and focusing on my accessories.

This week is all about handbags!  When it comes to handbags, I am not brand loyal.  I want a quality bag with personality for a good value.  Notice, I say value not price?

Let’s start off with my favorite low cost (high-value) hand bags – Miche.  This is a base bag that you switch out the “shell” cover.  For years I have had the classic size black base and a variety of shells for my every day wear.  My first base bag finally wore out after 5 years, and 2 shells were thrown out from wear & tear.  Overall, not bad for the low, low price.  I tend to carry small bags anyway, but for summer I want an even smaller bag.  For less than $125, I just purchased the petite size base and 6 shells to match just about any outfit!

My new Miche bag would be more than plenty to get me through summer, and beyond, but then I saw these new Dooney & Bourke bags.  I cannot get enough of the bright, fun prints!  I love the quality of my Dooney’s – these bags last decades!  I bought my first Dooney around 20 years ago, and it has only a slight wear on the bottom leather.

My splurge bag is Gucci!  Beware the knock-offs, these little darlings are expensive.  This Gucci leather boston bag is over $800!  The classic shape will never go out of style and will last a lifetime.  And this delicate pink is a great neutral for spring and summer.

Whatever your budget, look for the best value (quality for the price) and have fun with it!

Summer Hats

Every summer, my favorite fashion statement piece is a great big Hat!

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The small brim fedora style hats are a good option for windy areas.  And the small size is perfect when you simply do not have the space for anything larger.

Many ladies like the embellished baseball hat, which are darling with a pony tail.  I prefer to wear my ponytail higher up, so a visor is a great option.

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Hats offer protection from the harsh sun while hiking and other outdoor activities, and should be part of every hiker’s gear.

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The large derby style hats are such a fun addition to a pretty print sun dress, simple maxi dress, or any bikini anytime!  I like the bold, bright colors with flower and feather accents.  These beautiful hats are a practical way to limit your sun exposure while adding special flair to any outfit.

Go on, try a hat – I dare you!


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