Summer Handbags


This summer is all about accessories!  I am wearing simple dresses & clothing for summer, and focusing on my accessories.

This week is all about handbags!  When it comes to handbags, I am not brand loyal.  I want a quality bag with personality for a good value.  Notice, I say value not price?

Let’s start off with my favorite low cost (high-value) hand bags – Miche.  This is a base bag that you switch out the “shell” cover.  For years I have had the classic size black base and a variety of shells for my every day wear.  My first base bag finally wore out after 5 years, and 2 shells were thrown out from wear & tear.  Overall, not bad for the low, low price.  I tend to carry small bags anyway, but for summer I want an even smaller bag.  For less than $125, I just purchased the petite size base and 6 shells to match just about any outfit!

My new Miche bag would be more than plenty to get me through summer, and beyond, but then I saw these new Dooney & Bourke bags.  I cannot get enough of the bright, fun prints!  I love the quality of my Dooney’s – these bags last decades!  I bought my first Dooney around 20 years ago, and it has only a slight wear on the bottom leather.

My splurge bag is Gucci!  Beware the knock-offs, these little darlings are expensive.  A typical Gucci leather boston bag retails over $800!  The classic shape will never go out of style and will last a lifetime.  If this more of a once-in-a-lifetime splurge go for a neutral color that can be worn beyond spring and summer.

Whatever your budget, look for the best value (quality for the price) and have fun with it!

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