Wearing the Little White Dress All Year


I have my best tan in years and want to show it off for as long as it lasts. The Little White Dress is a fabulous compliment to any shade of bronze. Now that summer is almost over the LWD can be found on the sale racks for a steal!

Little White Dress inspiration


Little White Dress
Little White Dress

A little pop of color has a huge impact, especially with the LWD. My favorite pairing is the LWD and a big, chunky necklace. Try it with a light scarf for those cooler evenings. Layer it with black or bright-color cardigans when it starts to get a little chilly and enjoy this trend almost year round. And animal print anything goes well with the LWD to take it from boring to stunning!


LWD with tights paired with ballet slippers or boots can extend this wardrobe staple well into fall.

How do you wear your LWD into autumn?

Little White Dress with Coat to transition to autumn

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