Women’s Clothing Sizing is a Lie

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A women’s size 6 is not the same as a size 6 label from 20 years ago.  In fact, today a women’s size 6 is not even consistent across stores.  Since women’s clothing is not standardized to actual measurements, clothing size becomes a starting point only.  The lie behind Women’s clothing sizes is further confused by odd number Junior sizing versus Misses even number sizes and inconsistent Plus and Petite options.

Same same waist
All of these are the same size waist and similar fit

Here is a sample of skirts and shorts from my closet.  All of these fit right at my natural waist (just above my belly button).  All of these are the same measurements at the waist.  In every real definitions, each of these are the exact same size. Except when you check the label.  Top down; J. Crew skirt is size 8, Boston Proper size 12, WHBM size 6, WHBM size 10, and Ann Taylor Size 8.  Even within the same brand, the shorts were totally different sizes!  It is time to stop obsessing over the size printed on the label.

The real sizes according to the labels
The real sizes according to the labels

Online shopping is a gamble even when ordering a size based on the published sizing guide.  At least in store shopping allows for the option to go up or down a size for the best possible fit.

Bottom line, know your measurements and focus on the fit of the garment, not the printed size.  Instructions to measure yourself for the best possible fit.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Clothing Sizing is a Lie

  1. Finally somebody said what I am noticing – irregular sizing within a labeled size. I take cut/fashion into consideration when buying pants,jeans or skirts. On top of that once I find pants or skirts I like in the correct cut and length then some will be too big and some will be too small. Labels are making me crazy lately and department stores selling clothes not labeled irregular should be consistent in size but no. What has happened? Is this due to paying cheaper wages to have clothing lines made for local retail or what?

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