Best Garment Bags; Options for Storage and Transportation

Best Garment Bags | Options for Storage and Transportation

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Are you looking for the perfect storage or transportation solution for Wedding Gowns, Formal dresses, Prom, Pageant, and other special occasion garments? If you are transporting your dress for a destination wedding, traveling for pageant finals, or getting ready for Prom at a friend’s house, you will need to right bag to store and protect your dress.


  1. Clear/Nylon Hanging Garment Bag
  2. Foldable hanging bag (can be packed inside luggage for transportation)
  3. Garment Bag luggage

“Suit” bags are available in all three styles, but are shorter than Dress bags and are specifically designed for men’s jacket and pants. Typically the full suit bag is only 40 in long, which may be adequate for mini and cocktail dresses. The longer dresses like a tea length or full-length gown, or dresses with multiple layers, will require an actual dress bag.


Made from plastic or nylon, these hanging garment bags are the least expensive and most compact garment bags for storage. Often available with removable hangers, and pouch or pocket for accessories or identification (ideal for Pageants).

Protect your Prom, Pageant, or formal dress from everyday damage in your closet. Ideal for car transportation to your big event. Available in clear, frosted, or solid. Some hanging bags will hold several hangers worth of dresses.


Most dress bags start at 24 inches wide and 48 inches long for tea length dress. 60 inches is ideal for most full length gowns. Some large bags are available up to 72 inches long to accommodate extra long dresses and trains. Be sure to measure your dress (on the hanger) to determine how long of a garment bag you will need.

The measurement of the “gusset” determines how wide the bottom will be. The larger the gusset, the wider the bottom of the bag.

4″ or less gusset will hold straight or columns gowns, single layer skirts in a lightweight fabric.

4″-8″ gusset is ideal for most full skirts with a layer or 2 of crinoline underskirt, or long train.

14 inch gusset

8″-14″ gusset is wide enough for most princess gowns and large multi-layer underskirts.

When transporting Wedding Gowns, Pageant dresses, or full skirt evening gowns you may need to go big!  Extra wide hanging bags are specifically designed for full skirts, wide train, mermaid, or princess style gowns.

14″ to 20” gusset will expand enough to accommodate extra poofy formal gowns. These bags may be your only option for long, wide skirts on Princess and Mermaid style dresses.

Extra Capacity 20 inch gusset

Double check for “breathable” mesh bags which is okay for general storage, versus protective water-resistant to protect your dress during travel.

Pro Tip: If you are traveling with your wedding gown, make sure your bag does not have a mesh side leaving it prone to spills and grease or worse!


These foldable hanging bags are a best of both worlds item, more durable than the regular plastic hanging bags, that can be used as a carry on or packed into regular luggage.

Most of these bags are designed for cocktail length and smaller dresses, and may only be practical for column dresses and lightweight gowns.

Be sure to get liquid proof, durable nylon, and soft nylon handle for easy carry.


The best option for frequent travelers is the folding or roll-up garment bag. Made from heavy-duty nylon (ballistic nylon is the best of the best)  or luxurious leather.


These bags are available in wheeled and shoulder strap options, in convenient carry on sizes and shapes. Extra compartment for shoes and toiletries are a winning combination for a one-bag option.


Roll up garment bags are less likely to wrinkle the dress.  However, most of the roll-up bags are made for men’s suits and are barely long enough for most cocktail dresses. Long dresses may need to be folded, then rolled to fit in these bags. The best way to reduce wrinkles is to place a thin tee shirt on the dress, then fold over the tee shirt before rolling.

These roll up bags are so lightweight and compact!  These are a great option for small planes and restrictive luggage policies.

Make sure that you have the right garment bag for your dress!

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