Stay Cool in Natural Fibers

Living in Arizona, we learn all the tricks to stay cool in summer; drink plenty of water, wear sunblock, hats & parasols are lifesavers, avoid heat absorbing dark colors, and most of all wear natural fibers!

Fabric contentLight weight cotton, linen, and silk outfits are your best friend in the summer heat.  100% natural fibers are the coolest option.  Double check the fabric content labels when shopping for better options in your closet.  High natural fiber content blends are still a good option.  Cotton and cotton blends are great options and usually lower priced than linen or silk.  Linen has a bad habit of wrinkling, so I tend to avoid linen pants anyway.

Fabric content2

Unless the garment is specifically formulated as a “dry-fit” or wicking fabric, synthetic fabrics do not allow airflow and retain the heat against your skin.  Even wearing a natural fiber layer is rendered almost useless when paired with synthetic.

Stay cool, comfortable, and stylish this summer in your natural fiber clothes!


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