Bra Snaps to Hide Bra Straps

One way to ruin a perfectly polished look is to have bra straps showing.  These slippery little suckers sneak out at the most inappropriate times.  High-end designers started IMG_4469including a snap on the inside at the shoulders to form a loop that can be closed around the strap to hold it in place.  More and more designers (and moderately priced manufacturers) are including these thoughtful little items  on dresses and blouses where a bra strap could get loose.

Heavy knotted thread to make the loop

You may already have some in your garments.  Checking for these handy little snaps, and then actually using them, will help you avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark!  Bra snaps can be narrow strips of ribbon or fabric, or heavy-knotted thread.  They are so easy to use!

  1. Put the dress or blouse on
  2. Open the snaps on both shoulders
  3. Place your bra strap at the top shoulder
  4. Attached the snap, keeping your bra strap firmly in place.

Remember to open the snaps before getting undressed.

Ribbon bra snaps
Ribbon bra snaps

Enjoy looking fabulous without any worry of a rogue bra straps making an unwelcome appearance!

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