Womens Clothing sizing is a Lie and what you can do about it

Women’s Clothing Sizing is a Lie | And What You Can Do About It

A women’s size 6 is not the same as a size 6 label from 20 years ago.  In fact, today a women’s size 6 is not even consistent across stores.  Since women’s clothing is not standardized to actual measurements, clothing size becomes a starting point only.  The lie behind Women’s clothing sizes is further confused […]

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A Tale of 2Morrows Dress Part 2

I closed the doors on my retail dress store in July 2011.  Now that several years have passed, I can finally look back and appreciate the valuable lessons that I learned.  I am now able to focus on the fond memories and laugh at the absurd.  I am ready to share the tales of 2Morrows […]

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Stay Cool in Natural Fibers

Stay Cool in Natural Fibers in the summer heat!

Here is a breakdown of what to look for, and why it matters so that you can stay cool, while looking stylish, in your natural fiber clothing!

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Outlet Mall Rant: Getting the Best Value Shopping at Outlet Stores

Before your next visit to an Outlet Mall, know how to get the best value for your money. Are Premium Outlet Malls really the shopping jackpot? What is a Factory Store anyway? What is the difference between the regular store merchandise and what is sold at the Outlet Store? Well, let’s find out! What is […]

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Judging Salespeople, assessing the people that help make your shopping decisions

Judging Salespeople | How May I Help You?

Last week I was out shopping with my friend Joanne.  And she was doing something weird.  Which is not unusual for her.  Every store we went to, she asked the salesperson nearby (assisting us or not) how much they shopped the store they worked at.  At first I wrote this off as her being outgoing […]

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How to Survive an At Home Jewelry Party

Every few months I am invited to an at home Jewelry Party (or candles, Tupperware, purses, cooking gear, etc) and most of the time I fake an illness to get out of them.  Seriously, do I need any more candles, exotic pans, nesting containers?  But, I do love the purses and costume jewelry parties – […]

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Bra Snaps to Hide Bra Straps

One way to ruin a perfectly polished look is to have bra straps showing.  These slippery little suckers sneak out at the most inappropriate times.  High-end designers started including a snap on the inside at the shoulders to form a loop that can be closed around the strap to hold it in place.  More and more designers […]

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Easy Halloween Costumes, it is all about the accessories

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for simple (and cheap) DIY Halloween Costume ideas?  I have a few… It is all about the accessories, take simple items already in your closet and add just the right touch for a unique and totally YOU costume. Sexy Fairy – Form fitting sexy mini dress or tight shirt & matching pants, then add […]

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The Sit Test - Before Your Big Event, Can You Comfortably Sit in Your Dress?

The Sit Test | Before Your Big Event, Can You Comfortably Sit in Your Dress?

A very common mistake when clothes shopping is the failure to perform a Sit Test. Failure to perform a Sit Test can result in an uncomfortable evening, last minute changes to your outfit or plans. Some of the worse case scenarios are split zippers, busted seams, and other wardrobe malfunctions that can ruin your event! […]

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White Shirt Dilemma - Why is it so hard to find the classic white tee shirt?

White Shirt Dilemma

White shirts are a wardrobe staple.  Worn over colored jeans, a white shirt is the casual look for summer.  And I want it! Last month, I went on a white shirt shopping quest.  Starting at White House Black Market.  Where else would you buy white shirts?  I bought each of these shirts, faux shrug top […]

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Summer Handbags

This summer is all about accessories!  I am wearing simple dresses & clothing for summer, and focusing on my accessories. This week is all about handbags!  When it comes to handbags, I am not brand loyal.  I want a quality bag with personality for a good value.  Notice, I say value not price? Let’s start […]

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Fashion Guide for Summer Hats

Summer Hats | Style Guide and What to Wear Inspiration

Every summer, my favorite fashion statement piece is a great big hat! This practical accessory can elevate your look for fancy events, or punctuate your athletic side. Big, small, casual, or outrageous, it is all in the hat and how you style it. I am fair skinned with light eyes, so hats are a big […]

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